"You see things and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

Ironbound Productions was created in the name of Family, Freedom, Loyalty, Love and Respect. The idea for this theme began more than a decade ago, in Newark New Jersey amongst a tight-knit group of youngsters who shared a love for soccer as part of the Ironbound Strikers. Many of the players were first generation immigrants from such countries as Ecuador, Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina, to name a few, and as a result, the bond between these individuals was immediate. The brotherhood created during these years and the obstacles they had to overcome were the foundation to this bond, and as the years passed friends became old friends and new friends joined the brotherhood. As the years passed for this core group of friends, each followed a successful path in pursuit of their dreams. Despite the odds against each and everyone of these individuals, they are now successful in their own right; some are playing professional soccer in Europe, others are working for Fortune 500 companies, some are entrepreneurs, and others are pursuing their legal education. We want more youngsters to emulate such success, and believe that the aforementioned principals are the foundation for such a goal. In order to promote the principals of Family, Freedom, Loyalty, Love and Respect for all, Ironbound Productions has sought to inspire the youth of our generation to partake in such imaginative discourse as comedy, poetry, music, and the spoken word. History has taught us that young minds are the heart and soul of all major social changes; one has to only look at the 1960’s for such evidence .The goal of Ironbound Productions is for the youth of our generation to spearhead and bring into dialogue the numerous issues that are present in our society; all social change must first begin with dialogue. Dare to imagine a society as it should be, not as it currently is. Dare to challenge the status quo. Dare to be different.